Moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever. Bonded spherical stylus, 4.0 mV output.
Cartridge Type: Moving Magnet
Output Voltage/Channel: 4mV
Stylus Tip: .6mm Bonded spherical stylus
Cantilever: Alloy Tube
Tracking Force: 1.25g - 2.5g
Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20KHz
Channel Separation (dB) 25dB
Channel Balance (dB) 1,0dB
Compliance 12mm/N
Load Impedance 47kOhm
Cartridge Weight 5.3g

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is a moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever and bonded spherical stylus, 4.0 mV output.


Moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever, bonded elliptical stylus and 4.0mV output.

Blue Point No.2

Offering exceptional performance and musicality at an affordable price the latest generation Blue Point No. 2 sets a new standard in its price class.

Moving coil design, high output, 2.5-mV, alloy cantilever, Blue Point-cut elliptical diamond stylus, and standard 1/2" mounting.

Cartridge Type MC
Frequency Response 15Hz-35KHz
Output Voltage/Channel 2.5mV
Channel Separation 32dB
Channel Balance 0.5dB
Compliance (x10-6 cm/dyne) 15
Stylus Size/Shape .3x.7/Elliptical
Load Impedance 47k Ohms
Tracking Force Range 1.6-2.0 grams
Recommended Force 1.8 grams
Cartridge Weight 6.3 grams

The Sumiko Blue Point high output moving coil phono cartridge has an output of 2.5 mV, an alloy cantilever, and Blue Point-cut Elliptical diamond stylus. New Standard 1/2" Mounting.


The evolution of the ever-popular Blue Point Special, the EVO III raises the performance bar even higher at this highly competitive price point. Its tonal balance is remarkably smooth, exhibiting a fundamental richness and overall warmth without sacrificing musical detail and resolution. Sound stage focus and channel separation are exemplary, as is the cartridges’ ability to maintain a coherent consistency that reproduces music as a perceptual whole.

High-output moving coil design with 2.5-mV output. Chemically coated aluminum cantilever with 0.3mm x 0.7mm elliptical stylus. Ultra low-resonance open generator design. Resonance controlled mounting system provides the lowest mechanical impedance. Highly compatible with most modern tonearms.
Cartridge Type: MC
Frequency Response: 12Hz-50KHz
Output Voltage/Channel: 2.5mV
Channel Separation: 35dB
Channel Balance: 0.5dB
Compliance: (x10-6 cm/dyne) 12
Stylus Size/Shape: .3x.7/Elliptical
Load Impedance: 47k Ohms
Tracking Force Range: 1.7-2.1 grams
Recommended Force: 2.0 grams
Cartridge Weight: 9.0 grams

Stereophile Recommended Component, Class C
With an output of 2.5mV and recommended tracking force of 2.0gm, the new version of the Blue Point Special uses a top plate said to offer far greater rigidity while weighing less, and a 0.3 mil by 0.8 mil elliptical stylus. It proved to be "a model of tight clarity, rhythmic certainty, and excellent tracking," with "A reasonable amount of punch and an overall clean, bracing demeanor." In comparisons with more expensive cartridges, MF noted stilted harmonic development, restricted dynamic range, and diminished soundstaging. (Vol.27 No.11) April 2005

Stereophile Analog Corner, Michael Fremer,
The elliptical stylus helped make the BPS a good tracker, and transients were clean and tight, if a bit lacking in nuance. You'll get a richer midrange and greater liquidity from, say, Grado's woodenbodied Sonata, but not this level of excitement. The Sonata might make abetter overall choice for classical and acoustic music, especially female voices, but for rock and pop at an affordable price - especially if your budget system needs a shot of adrenaline - the Blue Point Special Evo III will fit the bill. -December 2004

Stereophile Recommended Component Class C , October, 1996; Vol. 16 #4 & 12, by Cory Greenberg.
"CG enthused about this nude, P-Mount-less version of the standard Blue Point MC pointing to its lack of base bloat, total honesty, and cleaner, more extended highs. It also offers excellent detail and focus. A touch of stylast applied to the underside of the cantilever optimizes the base." Hi-Fi News group test, Diamonds Are Forever, Sept., 1996, by Andrew Cartmel. · "The quality of the special and its very competitive price made it imperative to mention; he essential character of this cartridge is that it is profoundly musical. The Sumiko Blue Point Special has been referred to as a high-end bargain.

Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy
"This is probably one of the most enjoyable cartridges I've tried below £300: pacey and dynamic, crisp and to the point, able to pull musical life from the grooves in toe-tapping fashion. It exudes a no-nonsense kind of sound, playing the notes and hitting the rhythms without unnecessary dressing, soaring through tracks with eager aplomb. From House of Love to Sibelius, it proved an engaging performer.
Bass has pleasing authority and drive, and it passes the percussive test with ease - snapping snares and solid kick drums are an instant hit. At times it's a touch rough around the edges, and one or two competitors offer better front-to-back perspectives and some buyers may prefer a richer balance. But for me, this Sumiko's direct musical statement makes it a Best Buy at the price."


Designed for exceedingly low noise levels, wide dynamic range and the highest possilbe fidelity in its price class, Blackbird is destined to become an analog classic. Each cartridge is assembled using time honored, labor intensive techniques, hand calibrated and critically auditioned to meet the most rigorous standards of consistancy. The main advantage of high output moving coil cartridges is the elimination of any additional gain stages, resulting in an overall reduction of the noise floor. With 2.5mV directly driving a standard 47k Ohm RIAA phono stage, the best possible signal to noise ratio is realized. Nothing but music emerges from your most treasured recordings.

Cartridge Type High output MC
Stylus Type Low mass elliptical
Cantilever Long grain Boron
Dynamic Compliance (x10-6 cm/dyne)12
Frequency Response 10Hz-50Khz
Output Voltage/Channel 2.5mV
Internal Impedance 135 Ohms
Channel Separation 35dB @ 1kHz
Channel Balance 0.5dB @ 1kHz
Tracking Force Range 1.8 ­ 2.2 grams
Cartridge Weight 9.6 grams
Mounting System Standard 0.5” hole spacing