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Here we have some bits and pieces that are surplus to requirements or that we’ve traded in. Some of these may be listed for sale on Trade Me as well.

Soundsmith MMP3 Phono Stage


Excellent trade in phono preamp. 
Custom built power supply by TSL transformers. 

Cartridge loading (ohm): 47k ohm, 100 pF 
Gain: 43 dB 
Noise: -93 dB down 
THD: 1 kHz, ~0.004 %

Brodmann Festival Series FS speakers and stands.


Trade in speakers, excellent condition. 

We have the boxes for the speakers, but not the stands. 
So pick up only please. NZ RRP $3995 

The FS generates a surprisingly large sound stage and delivers a scale of presence befitting many a more costly product. Superb tonality and infectious musical performance combine to give the Brodmann FS many qualities that set these speakers apart from the rest of the usual suspects - finished to the same exacting standards that Brodmann use to manufacture their world famous pianos. 

Frequency Range: 55 - 20,000 Hz ±3 dB 
Acoustic Crossover: 130 Hz (4.5 dB/oct) 
Electronic Crossover: 2.0 kHz (6 dB/oct) 
Operational Output: 1.9 Watt for 91 dB/m 
Nominal Load: 40 Watt 
Music Load: 80 Watt 
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm 
Dimensions (H x W x D): 952 x 202 x 276 mm