The 1400 Array is the top-of-the-line loudspeaker in JBL’s Project Array lineup.

Engineered for superlative sonic performance in the most ambitious home theater and music systems, t

he 1400 Array’s remarkable fidelity and sonic realism is sure to thrill even the most-demanding audiophiles.

The 1400 Array utilizes the same 435AL aluminum midrange compression driver found in JBL’s

ultrahigh-end K2 S5800 Series loudspeaker, 

The unconventional look of the horn assembly produces an equally unconventional sound:

brilliantly clean highs – into the ethereal realm of 40kHz – delivered directly to a listener’s ears.

Coupled with a fast mid- to high-frequency compression driver in the time–honored

JBL Professional tradition,

Available in Black Gloss Wood Grain Finish.





The array 1000  delivers  extraordinary sonic performance in the finest home theater and music systems,

JBL® Project ArrayTM models utilize technologies directly derived from the company’s

flagship K2® Series loudspeakers and professional recording studio monitors.

The 1000 Array is a more-modestly proportioned loudspeaker that is ideal for medium

- and smaller-sized home theater and music systems.

This model utilizes a vertically oriented, enclosure-less Bi-Radial®-horn configuration

to provide spacious, dynamic and natural sound quality.

Available in Black Gloss Wood Grain Finish.