WTL Amadeus GTA
Amadeus Turntable from Well Tempered Lab. The Amadeus tone-arm does not have a bearing in the normal sense. Many tone-arm bearings use high quality ball bearings that have clearances in the low micron range. However, that is where all the action takes place. The Amadeus bearing has zero clearance and damping for un-rivaled performance. The tone-arm is constructed with a golf ball partially immersed in high viscosity silicone fluid. Golf balls are very precisely made and are well-suited for this application. The degree of damping is adjustable. A tone-arm without damping will cause the cone of a subwoofer to pump markedly. Controlling The Resonance Within The Arm Tube The 10.5 inch arm tube of Amadeus is filled with a special grade of sand to eliminate any resonances within the tube. This technique is very effective and is unique to all Well Tempered designs.

WTL Versalex

The Well Tempered Lab Versalex Turntable and LTD Tonearm are now shipping world-wide. We are very proud of this model more especially for the rather elegant LTD Tonearm which we believe takes William Firebaugh’s original design to new heights of functionality and performance.

The LTD Tonearm will be available as a separate item and enables countless vinyl lovers to experience the Well Tempered Lab philosophies and give their cartridge “the ride of its life”. The Well Tempered Lab Versalex ships only pre drilled for the LTD tonearm. We do not envisage making the Versalex for any other tonearm.

- A multilayer “Baltic” plywood plinth with Walnut veneered top surface (Baltic plywood has natural resonances that also results in a very natural “EQ”. It is therefore very suitable for our purposes, however it is a product of nature and minor transgressions in grain are to be expected).

- Pre-drilled with inserts to facilitate easy mounting of LTD Tonearm.

LTD Tonearm
- Variable Damping.
- Separate Phono Inputs (RCA).
- Hydraulic Cueing device.