Naim dac Capable of partnering and upgrading a wide range of Naim products, the DAC has more in common with Naim's CD players than with any conventional DAC. Its Burr-Brown converter chips, for instance, are also found in the flagship CD555 CD player. The DAC overcomes the jitter inherent in standard digital connections by reading data independent of its timing signal. Its digital filtering, based on a 40bit floating-point SHARC DSP chip running unique Naim code, sets new standards in its class.

If the DAC’s music performance is extreme, its flexibility is just as remarkable. With eight S/PDIF and two USB inputs, it’s adaptable to any system configuration and can grow to meet any need.
Eight S/PDIF inputs for digital sources like games consoles, set top boxes and hard disk servers
Two USB inputs (one front, one rear)
40bit SHARC DSP chip handling filtering and oversampling
Plays audio files at up to 24bit/768kHz resolution
Front-panel input controls adapt to become playback controls when iOS or USB devices are connected
Use to upgrade the onboard DAC of the CD5 XS and CDX2 CD players and the HDX hard disk player/server