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The Line Magnetic range consists of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, DACs and loudspeakers. Each product has an exceptional quality of manufacture and a very strong personality always in connection with proven patterns and mythical tubes or loudspeakers.

The company LINE MAGNETIC was founded in 2005 by two brothers, both audiophiles who are passionate about tube electronics and notably the legendary American achievements of the 1950s. For many years, the company has become known throughout the world as the specialist in the repair and production of Western Electric, Altec, Jensen and other replicas of loudspeakers and electronics. Today, all drawings and designs are the result of a team of engineers audiophiles and experienced. The company has two factories in which all the products are made up of assemblies point-to-point wiring.

We source Line Magnetic product direct from LM, not third party sellers, selling items of questionable provenance.

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