Welcome to Turned On Audio

This is the home of specialist Hi-Fi in Onehunga, Auckland. Talk to either Paul or Neil and we’ll do our best to help you into a solution. We try to follow what’s happening in the Hi-Fi scene, so there’s usually something new arriving each week. Even though we carefully choose which products to put on our website and have in the shop, chances are if you see something else you are interested in we can get it, so please ask us!
We are always happy to discuss trade ins to help you purchase your new gear from us. We offer home trials as we believe that in order to get a clear idea of how the equipment will perform, it’s necessary to hear it within your own home. We service and repair most brands of Hi-Fi and also offer a specialist speaker repair service.
We import a few of the brands you will see here, all legitimate, no grey market, which means full manufacturer back up and full warranties! These brands include Line Magnetic Audio, Shindo Laboratory,DeVore Fidelity, Modwright Instruments, EMT, Auditorium 23, Box Furniture, Thomas Schick, Acoustic Plan and Lignolab.


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